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Which Appliance Brands To Avoid!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

As a service technician it seems like I am asked multiple times a day the same question, “What is the best brand of appliances to buy?” I sound like a broken record time and time again which is why we chose to make it the topic of this blog.

My answer is always the same, I can’t tell you which brand is the best but I can tell you which

brands to avoid. But to be fair I think the best way to categorize this is by appliance type. So I will say this from the start I never encourage anyone to purchase Samsung or LG appliances no matter what the appliance type. Now with that being said let me make this clear, this does not mean that LG and Samsung don’t make some good appliances because they do. There are several models of washers, dryers, ranges, ovens, dishwashers and microwaves that I think are well designed, good quality units. Notice I didn’t mention refrigerators in that list, that’s because I am not impressed with any of their refrigerator models. LG and Samsung by far make the worst line of refrigerators that I have ever seen.


Let’s start with LG, they came out with a unit that uses a linear compressor. This is great in theory but has been an absolute disaster for countless home owners across the nation. It is very technical to describe but the short answer is that the design is not compatible with the refrigerant which cause the linear compressor to malfunction. I have serviced dozens of units that were less than 3 years old that needed new compressors. The good news is that they come with a 10 year warranty on the compressor, the bad news is that they are failing so often that people are having a hard time getting service companies to honor the warranty.


Samsung on the other hand has a different set of issues. I think the list of Samsung problems

would have to start with their infamous ice accumulation and drain issues. Anyone who has owned a Samsung French door refrigerator for any length of time knows what I am talking about, you open the door and either it’s not cooling and you see ice coming from the air vents or you see water pooling under the fruit & vegetable drawers. It is without question the most common repair that I see for Samsung refrigerators. A close 2nd is the ice maker that is located in the fresh food section that ices over and becomes inoperative due to excessive frost build up. This is a result of poor insulating of the ice maker compartment which allows moist air from the refrigerator to enter the ice compartment and then freeze. To repair this problem can be costly.

Poor Customer Service

The other reason I cannot recommend LG or Samsung is because of their lack of customer

service and technical support. They do not stand behind their products and discontinue essential parts very quickly after production. I can’t tell you how many appliances I’ve had to condemn due to the parts being discontinued. At least with other brands (according to multiple sources) replacement parts are required to stay in production for a minimum of 7 years from manufacturing date. Apparently this does not apply to LG or Samsung because I’ve seen parts not available for units less than 3 to 4 years old which is unacceptable. So even though some of their other appliance types are pretty good I still can not endorse them for this reason alone.


It may be tempting to purchase that flashy new LG or Samsung appliance. However, it is in your best interest to consider looking at other brands before you make a final decision. Keep in mind that appliances are now being made to last on average of about 10-12 years compared to the older appliances that would last for over 20+ years. Hopefully this blog helps you not only make a smarter buying decision but also helps you save some money on repair and maintenance costs.

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